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So I Answered this Craigslist Ad…

Posted by Peter on February 28, 2012

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Why hasn’t there been a blog post since November 8, 2011?

No joke, I answered a Craigslist ad in mid-October regarding the possible takeover of a Chicago family law practice from a retiring law firm owner. The ad was anonymous but it turned out that the poster was actually a friend of mine and someone I had helped in the past so it seemed like a good fit. The last 3 months I’ve basically been running 2 firms simultaneously leaving my blogging time on the back-burner.  But I’m going to have some great material regarding law firm buyouts/mergers upcoming.

Most importantly I’m excited to be welcoming a couple new colleagues to the Solo in Chicago team. More to come on them and their posts will start appearing immediately as we continue to make SIC the ‘go to’ resource for Chicagoland legal entrepreneurs.


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